Stainless Steel Removable Bollards – Superior Locking System

When you are looking to purchase a removable bollard (especially stainless steel bollards), you need top quality and 100% reliability. How frustrating to be let down by an inferior alternative product when you need access right now to a driveway or garage.

Area Safe removable bollards have an ultra-strong and truly superior locking system:

  1. Neat low-profile anchor lug on the side of the ground sleeve means that a smaller, less expensive core drilling diameter can be achieved.
  2. The ground sleeve has a notched cruciform base and the bollard has a matching cruciform slot on the underside. When the bollard is positioned in the sleeve over the cruciform, it is then turned quarter-turn and the key is released.
  3. Releasing the key then gravity drops a connecting rod through the base of the bollard beside the cruciform base and prevents the bollard being turned, so it can’t be lifted out. The gravity force means there is no artificial pressure on the mechanism.
  4. To remove the bollard, turn the key and simply rotate the bollard as you lift it up.

Many key-operated in-ground removable bollards have inferior design features as follows:

  1. Welded cross bars on the base of the ground sleeve as anchorage. These usually extend well beyond the outside diameter of the sleeve, have sharp corners for handling and require a much larger and more expensive size of core drilling for existing surfaces.
  2. The sleeve may also have a bulge on the side or exposed hole for the locking pin to latch into. With this design, only the small diameter of the pin is preventing the bollard from being lifted out and the mechanism is weak with additional pivot points and moving parts.

Area Safe’s complete range of stainless steel bollards are manufactured using marine grade 316 stainless steel. This includes the base platestainless steel bollards, inground stainless steel bollards and the removable stainless steel bollards.

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