Project - Melbourne Bollards & Wheel Stops - Melbourne Jet Base

Client Melbourne Jet Base

Location 21-23 South Centre Road, Melbourne Airport VIC

Supplier Area Safe Products Pty Ltd

Installer Hutchinson Builders

Architect Cox Architecture

Date May 2018


About Melbourne Jet Base

Located at Melbourne International Airport Tullamarine, and after five years of development with almost $100 million invested into the project, the luxurious, world-class Melbourne Jet Base has seen an outstanding completion. Private jet owner Paul Little opened a VIP terminal targeting the increasing demand for luxurious private and charter jet services. Being a city within Australia that offers a wide range of international sporting and entertainment events, cultural attractions, and an exquisite lifestyle for many, it is the bold new addition that sets Melbourne aside, aiming to be the best of its kind throughout the world.

It is the perfect location for the entry and departure in a private, secure, and discrete facility for celebrities, sports stars, foreign dignitaries, and those of high net worth wanting to relax and enjoy an opulent experience. Unlike any other jet base in the country, let alone the world, it boasts a 24/7 access with no curfew, manages its own security, customs and immigration process, with state-of-the-art lounge and business facilities for all customers, and a central hub that includes a basement carpark, meeting rooms, offices, catering and function facilities. The criteria for the architectural design of the facility ensured that the uniqueness of Australia was present and showcased what the country and its culture stands for. Whilst maintaining this, it was also crucial that the usual clutter seen in airports worldwide was non-existent at the Melbourne Jet Base, signifying its individuality.

What the client said

“The Melbourne Jet Base with their high-end clients and visitors wanted to ensure a ‘wow’ factor was present at all stages of the clientele experience. This is why they chose the Area Safe Stainless Steel bollards and rubber wheel stops – they are high quality, look great and were very readily available for us to install. Thank you Area Safe!”

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