Parking Protection Bollards – how do I position them correctly?

Parking Space Protectors are available in various styles to keep your parking spot free at all times. Do you get frustrated with continually losing your parking spot and wasting precious time trying to find another? A full range of fold-down bollards are supplied in various shapes and styles and include locking methods such as padlock, key operated and remote controlled to secure your access and park your car at any time.

There are many different types of car parks such as open campus above ground, multi-deck parking and underground. Different car parks have different needs for Parking Space Protectors and Collapsible Bollards – not all are suitable for multiple installations. Discuss your needs today with an Area Safe Consultant and they will provide advice including the most appropriate positioning for your parking bollards.

Other parking bollards that Area Safe supplies include the One Piece Flexible Bollards and Impact Recovery Bollards for traffic guidance in tight spaces. Also part of the range are shared zone steel parking bollards for accessible parking.

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