One of a kind – Impact Recovery Bollards make a difference!

Area Safe Bollards Sydney are an essential fixture in any car park or driveway to separate vehicles from property and pedestrians. Area Safe has a full range of plastic impact bollards that includes:

Plastic Impact Recovery Bollards (as shown in the image here) help guide vehicles…and protect property. These are a knock-down bollard for rebounding on impact, but are not designed to be completely run over.

One Piece Flexible Bollards are made of soft rubbery material and supplied in 2 heights:800mm or 450mm. These are highly flexible and designed to be completely run over!

Black or yellow Heavy Duty Bolt-Down Plastic Impact Bollards which are tough and somewhat flexible, warn drivers and protect property, but do not dent, rust or flake on impact should the bollard get bumped. Two sizes are available, both of which have a heavy duty 10mm plastic wall thickness. Custom heights are available – POA.

White Impact Recovery Posts can be knocked over many times and will bounce back. They can accommodate standard sign brackets to have signs attached (e.g. ‘Keep Left’) and are supplied standard at 1300mm high, although a custom height of 1800mm is also available on request – POA.

New for 2017, Area Safe has just released a budget range of Plastic Bollards and Bollard Refurbishment Sleeves. Click on the links to read all about them!

Bollards Sydney, bollards Melbourne, bollards Brisbane and anywhere else in Australia! Area Safe has you covered!

Click here to see the full range of Area Safe impact recovery bollards, or contact us today to discuss your requirements with one of our friendly team members.

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