How To Concrete-fill In-ground Bollards

Area Safe Products’ Surex™ heavy duty Steel Bollard range has a tough impact resistant 5mm wall thickness. This makes bollards that are very strong for both surface mounted & in-ground applications. Bollards Sydney, bollards Melbourne, bollards Brisbane and anywhere else in Australia! Area Safe has you covered!

Should concrete filling of your bollards be required for additional strength, here are some basic tips to help make your job a success:

  1. Did you know that ‘quick-set’ or ‘rapid-set’ concrete develops heat when it is curing? This can expand the diameter of the bollard enough to make it difficult to get the cap on. If using quick-set concrete, do not fill the bollard more than half full.
  2. If using standard concrete mix, fill the In-ground Bollard about 2/3 to 3/4 full.
  3. When fitting the pressed metal cap, ensure it is not sitting at an angle otherwise it will not go on. With the cap sitting straight, gently tap it on with a rubber mallet, protecting the powder coat finish on top of the cap with cardboard or similar soft material.

This advice may not apply to every situation and is based on practical trade experience. The information provided is not to be considered as binding or legal advice.

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