A Cost-Effective Solution for Property Protection

Damage to your facility can be one of the costliest expenses a business will face. In environments such as warehouses, carparks, factories, industrial buildings, and other high security locations such as prisons, police stations, schools, and secure medical facilities, all aspects must be taken into consideration where damage to the physical structure, machinery and any individuals could occur. It is important to note that the exposure of downpipes also welcomes burglars, vandals or other individuals to gain unauthorised access to rooftops or higher storey windows by climbing the unprotected drainpipe.

If downpipes are exposed, they are open to trucks, vehicles or forklifts and their tines running or backing into the downpipe. In this situation where damage does occur, it can crush or pierce a hole in the exposed pipe and cause floods in carparks, or factories, making it unusable until expensive measures are used to safely fix the damage. It must be considered that in the event of an incident where a forklift or car does run into the protectors, only the protector itself should have to be replaced to make the space look neat and professional again. If there was no protector there, the whole downpipe would have to be replaced, this which would be very costly and cause great difficulty.

Damage to downpipes can also occur through exposure to the elements. Over time, excessive exposure of UV rays and other natural elements may degrade the strength of the thin PVC walls and cause discolouration of the downpipe. The downpipe may also become slightly more brittle after prolonged sun exposure. To avoid this, protect your pipes with heavy duty galvanised protectors meaning they will function seamlessly for longer! Also, as we all know, a visual alert goes a long way in preventing accidents. Area Safe have a range of safety yellow galvanised downpipe protectors, with the bright yellow finish making sure individuals are well aware to take extra precautionary measures when working in the area.

Downpipe protectors are also useful in the fact that facilities don’t have to cordon off large areas around the pipe to keep it safe, but instead can just use a space efficient, cost-effective metal surround and still have car spares and walkways fully functional. Many facility managers also wish to take into consideration the overall look of their property. Exposed downpipes will often become dented and scratched easily because of their thin wall thickness. When protected with a heavy-duty galvanised protector, the pipe is less likely to wear down and look unprofessional and worn.

Area Safe can provide a quick, cost-effective solution to these issues, offering a range of downpipe guards, such as the downpipe protectors Bunnings Warehouse use to protect their downpipes. The quality of our range of downpipe protectors are guaranteed as they are Australian Made with a great level of customisation available to suit different requirements. This cost-effective solution reduces the eye-sore points a busy factory or carpark has while providing protection of the facilities at the same time. They are industrial grade 2mm galvanised steel, with 3mm also available, both in plain galvanised steel or a yellow powder coat finish. Inquire today with our highly trained sales consultants for your downpipe protector needs!

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