It was a great day when you came and saw us here

We have been very fortunate since we found you. Just to be able to get everything we need for the [safety] audit since we have been doing all the building work. We will also be talking to you as soon as we get up to looking at the outdoor furniture.

The team have done a great job. All the settings look awesome and really fit in well – I think we’ve made a great choice on the style and colour.

We had gale force winds on Friday with gusts up to 90km/h just after setting up the picnic settings and umbrellas, and they stood up to it no problem. We’ll be ordering more before too long!

They (bollards) have arrived and they were exactly what we wanted. Thanks again for your help.

We are very happy with the traffic separator system – it has worked a treat. Happy to recommend it to any prospective customers.

The bike racks are great, they have encouraged other students to ride.

The current seating and matching bins have been very durable and remain in excellent condition and we purchased an additional bench seat last year. Our elderly customers love the seating and we have received favourable feedback on them.

They (cigarette bins) have had a lot of use over the years and are going really well, no problems.

From all reports, the parents coming in and going out have slowed down. We have achieved our goal!
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