Floor Mounted Drench Shower & Eyewash Combination



A hand and foot operated unit which combines eye/face wash with a deluge shower head. The unit is stainless steel, resisting corrosion and giving solid support for the shower and eyewash. Activators are easy to locate and use. A top of the range unit with quality components throughout.


Soft Flow eye wash heads have built in automatic pressure compensating valves to assure steady flow under varying water supply conditions. Heads have instant flip-open dust covers and built-in filter to protect the users against particles in the water flow which may be damaging to the eyes.


Area Safe eye/face washes and showers are some of the most competitive on the market.

Long Lasting Durability

High quality 316 grade stainless steel construction.


Combination of hi-vis safety yellow parts and stainless steel make it easy to locate.

2 Year Warranty

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