Custom Moulded Rubber Ramp



Custom Moulded Rubber Ramps and Landings are made to order using high quality recycled rubber which is 100% sourced from discarded tyres. With more than 18 million tyres scrapped every year across Australia, this product is an environmental innovation. These ramps can be made with flat (vertical) sides or tapered sloping wings to suit your requirements. With natural anti-slip properties, custom moulded rubber ramps are great for permanent or relocatable disabled access, car wash bays, industrial bunding, non-standard kerbs, trolley access, or just simply to remove steps and trip hazards. They are very popular as an alternative to concrete, steel or timber, because they can be walked on immediately and save the hassle, mess, cost and time involved with site trades.

Site measurements to be provided to Area Safe by the client.

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