Parking Bollards - Galvanised

Frequently Asked Questions

Parking bollards are commonly used for disabled shared zones, protection from pedestrian footpaths and vehicle driveways, loading docks, kerb entries, stairs or ramps, to protect columns, doors and walls, especially glass shop front walls around fire hydrants and much more.

As carparks are always full of a mix of vehicles, pedestrians and building fixtures, there are many areas that need bollard protection.

Yes, the size/diameter of the bollard matters. It is import that you have chosen a bollard that is large enough to provide adequate safety measures but also not too big that it looks out of place
To remove a base plate bollard, simply grind the bold heads off and lift off the bollard. Ensure that the bolts are then grinded down to ground level to reduce trip and safety hazards.

An in-ground bollard needs a little more work. The in-ground bollard will need to be cut or grinded down to ground level. Then core drill around the steel post in the ground to remove the in-ground section of the bollard. To fill the hole, grout or concrete the hole in.

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